Tuzno leto

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He decided for a move to Canada and a try of settling down. He organized a few concert tours around Yugoslavia and maintained the fame he gained. I was already a well-known and requested composer. His actual first written song was Andjela , which was released later, in In , he married for the third time and after a few months, the marriage broke.

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Unfortunately, he didn't have any friends to help him find a job as a singer or forward his singing career. He organized a few concert tours around Yugoslavia and maintained the fame he gained. I gave her the song and it was a bingo. His shows were sold out every single night, and he started thinking of composing his own songs. I recorded the song in the studio and wanted to use it for a festival coming up, but when she heard it, she wanted to have it.

I was already a well-known and requested composer.

But, he continued releasing albums and continuously changed places, kafanas lteo hotels where he was the resident singer. Later, aroundcopies of the album were sold. In two years, he spent all the money he earned in his year music career.

His father was named Dusan and his mother Kosara, and he had four siblings, and grew up in poverty. She was completely down. Inhis first true love, a girl named Slavica which Toma loved, although she cheated on him, died at the age of 20 after a difficult disease.

He married four times, and settled only with his fourth wife Gordana in the late years. I wish I had never written it. There was a high rate of unemployment in his village, thus, when he turned 18, he decided to look for a job as a singer in the town of Leskovac.

DJOGANI - Leto je - Suncane skale - Herceg Novi

He couldn't believe that the crowds didn't forget him and continued making hits and returned to singing in kafanas and hotels across Yugoslavia. The saleswoman put it on so they could listen to it.

It was her song, inspired by her life, and her problems.

Inhe held elto first concert in the Belgrade "Dom sindikata", after 26 year of singing. He met his last, fourth wife Gordana and later, his son Aleksandar was born. We met a lot, in different towns of Yugoslavia, and inwe sang in the same band.

Kafana je moja sudbina In the last years of his life he sang a lot, and enjoyed the singing as if he knew it would be over soon. The first time I saw the album was in the "Albanija" record store in Belgrade. I was a bit disdainful, since the album was mine, and I knew that they did in fact have it: One of them commented, while holding and looking at the album cover: And what could I do?

Cold Comes the Night. But still, he did not achieve the so wanted fame with his own songs. Although he expected a major boom, there was almost no response from the audience and Toma was hugely disappointed.

Vesna - Leto 88

His unique voice talent was one of its kind and people wanted to hear him more, and thus he became popular in the town.

He had a characteristic vocal, not too powerful but warm, resembling the one of Charles Aznavour. He wanted to see if people in other towns would like him, too, so he moved to Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina where he sang in the Bristol hotel.

The songs, although having the form of Serbian folk music, had spirit of chansons. All of my songs were inspired by my sympathies and love-life, but we were good ol' friends.

He held his last concert in Podgorica, Montenegro, 20 days before he died. The girls were delighted.

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