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As an illustration of where OpenServer can have benefits to a user: It is able to consider the multiphase network response of multiple wells with different PVT producing into a common production system, where the response of one well would affect production of another i. In fully compositional mode, PROSPER allows users to take advantage of advanced hydrate prediction and mitigation calculations, salt deposition, special handling of CO2 for dense and light phases and many other functionalities. RESOLVE is a platform designed for the engineer to express the engineering ideas and formulate solutions as integrated engineering studies in a vendor neutral environment.

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GAP was designed to eliminate artificial boundary conditions in reservoir, well and surface network models, through the creation of integrated models using Petex tools.

IPM Products - Accrete Petroleum Ltd

The concept of Integration was pioneered by Petroleum Experts in and it softawre the elimination of artificial boundary conditions that would otherwise have existed if engineers study each individual element of a field in isolation.

Design and performance can be assessed through the life span of each well, considering artificial lift pumps, gas lift, etc. REVEAL can bring together the studies of the production chemist, fracturing specialists, sanding and thermal effects Wellhead chokes can be set, compressors and pumps optimised, and gas for gas lifted wells allocated to maximise production Multiple Flowlines Multiple Separators Unlimited number of nodes - wells, reservoir, etc.

Alongside all of the analytically derived Inflow Performance Relationships available in PROSPER, the Multi-Lateral IPR model is the culmination of extensive research and has been designed specifically for complex well softwrae that have undulating trajectories across multiple producing zones. Artifical Lift Systemsechnical Artificial lift design and troubleshooting has been an area where PROSPER has offered unparalleled modelling capabilities to the user community for many years.

The industry has moved in the direction of fully integrated field studies with the objectives of improving field management - production and recovery - over the life of a field.

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Multi-well optimisation for artificially lifted and naturally flowing production networks: This allows re-perforation studies, analysis of skin, the application of sand control measures and many other sensitivities to be conducted easily.

Complex facilities, compression trains, and heat exchange processes among others ready the fluid for export are best captured in process simulators.

The objective of this module is to allow engineers to compare the perforation charge performance and assist in selecting the optimum perforation gun. Collect data and build your sofgware model in Move. By modelling each component of the producing well system, the User can verify each model subsystem by performance matching. From the outset of IPM the intention was to expand the capabilities of the tool in such a way that engineers would be able to spftware their ideas in an easy to use platform that would require no coding at all.

MOVE Suite

The rigorous multiphase pressure drop models and unique list of inflow performance relationships come together to form system calculations for well and pipeline models.

These products form a suite of complementary tools assisting engineers to improve their reservoir simulations by describing and modelling a production system more accurately.

The underlying applications detect the phenomena, whilst the controlling logic in RESOLVE provides the mitigation action that is in line with field strategy. In GAP spftware single and tandem screw compressors, softaare and multiphase and pumps per formance cur ves, jet pumps and bespoke multiphase can all be modelled.

Once physical models are in place as an integrated system, optimisation algorithms can be used with the objective of increasing hydrocarbon recovery.

It provides a full digital environment for best practice structural modelling to reduce risk and uncertainty in geological models.

This is an ideal way for users to automate repetitive tasks which may require a series of similar data inputs and calculations to be carried out periodically. Process Complex facilities, compression trains, and heat exchange softward among others ready the fluid for export are best captured in process simulators. This was achieved by using the EOS to generate the inputs of Black oil model, and using both descriptions in tandem.

Then write a Softwae macro within Excel which: This allows for Joules-Thomson effects to be captured in the well, while at the same time enabling multiple heat transfer coefficients with depth to be used.

For instance reservoir volumes, or well deliverability are assessed on a P10, P50 and P90 basis, and there are many field development scenarios that satisfy the design criteria. Display and evaluate the effect of present-day and palaeo softwae states on slip and stability of faults and fracture systems in 3D.

This is a prerequisite for reliable simulation studies. GAP has been the tool softwaare choice for over oil companies in over 80 countries and the corporate standard for all of the super majors in the area of integrated modelling. Petroleum Experts made a strategic decision to move this integrated field studies sofrware forward and to develop real time "IPM Field Management", integrating the fiel These results can then be used to implement adjustments at the field level to achieve the optimisation goals.

Specialist studies in the above areas are often carried out in isolation. The latest addition to the list is a Fully Transient Gas Lift Simulator, which simulates the unloading phase of gas lifting and allows users to assess the stability of such wells. Having performed the sooftware analysis, the steady state analysis would continue.

As part of this process, PVT handling, physical models of correcting IPRs, a variety of coupling schemes and other means that ensure that these connections are not only mechanically simple, but physically robust and efficient were invented by Petex and are available to the users as part of the unique collection of features of RESOLVE.

Reservoir simulators can therefore be connected to well models, surface facilities, process, re-injection and any other element that the user requires as part of their formulation.

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